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Public Trainings

This is an instructor-led classroom session, which we are organizing mainly in Budapest. Perquisite of attending a public training is a preliminary registration, which you can complete easily. Check out our upcoming events and see you at the next public course.

Private Trainings

This type is ideal for groups of engineers or those who need customized instruction on MathWorks and COMSOL products. We are organizing the course onsite, at your organization. To maximize your productivity with the tools, instructors can tailor the curriculum with company-specific or industry-specific examples, and address challenges and process issues familiar to attendees from your organization.
Please note, that the minimum number of attendees is 5.

Recommended Basic Courses

A comprehensive introduction to MATLAB exploring data analysis, visualization, modeling, and programming.

>> Read the detailed agenda

A comprehensive introduction to Simulink exploring dynamic system modeling, model hierarchy, and component reusability.

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Get an introduction to the fundamental workflow and key features of COMSOL Multiphysics via hands-on examples, lecture, and tutorials. This course is a recommended prerequisite for all specialized courses.

>> Read the detailed agenda

on the right path

TOPIC Prequisite Core Curriculum Optional
Deep Learning MATLAB Fundamentals Deep Learning with MATLAB Machine Learning with MATLAB and Automated Driving with MATLAB
Data Analytics with Machine Learning MATLAB Fundamentals MATLAB For Data Processing and Visualization and Machine Learning with MATLAB Signal Processing with MATLAB
Programming and Application Deployment MATLAB Fundamentals MATLAB Programming Techniques Object-Oriented Programming
Production Code Generation Simulink for System and Algorithm Modeling Embedded Coder for Production Code Generation
Control Design and Analysis Simulink for System and Algorithm Modeling Control System Design with MATLAB and Simulink Stateflow for Logic-Driven System Modeling

If you have any questions about private trainings, please feel free to contact us. Our customer service representatives will be happy to help you!

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