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As a subscriber to Software Maintenance Service, you will be entitled to:

  • The latest upgrades to your MATLAB and Simulink products – with releases twice a year together with new features and performance improvements
  • Technical support available via telephone, email, and provided by our Engineers
  • Online and cloud offerings such as MATLAB Online, MATLAB Drive, and MATLAB Mobile
  • The ability to purchase add-on products and a full range of license administration services through License Centre
  • Receiving bug fixes
  • Accessing MathWorks knowledge base, prepared especially for our users (to download files, read expert blogs, consult user forums)
  • Consultancy in managing your License(s)
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Product upgrades through twice-yearly releases

Twice a year, MathWorks provides a thoroughly tested new release that includes, on average, 500 new features across all products, plus enhancements to existing features and performance improvements. As a subscriber, you can also install early versions of new releases so you can try out new features in advance.

MATLAB is everywhere

You will be able to use MATLAB through your web browser or your cellphone and tablet. MATLAB Online a cloud-based service requires no downloads or installations. MATLAB Drive lets you store, manage and share files in the cloud, and access your files anywhere. Connect to MATLAB from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device with MATLAB Mobile.

Worldwide technical support

We provide professional technical support for subscribers. Approximately 50% of technical support cases are resolved within one business day. For student and home licensees online support, including MATLAB Answers is available for additional technical assistance.

Easy license management

You can actively manage your existing license by extending your licenses, purchasing and installing add-on products or converting license options.

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