• Jumpstart

    Time is your most valuable asset; avoid wasted hours by learning industry-accepted best practices from the start. Share your goals with us and we will provide you with a detailed and customized plan on how to reach them faster.

  • Consulting

    Need to accelerate your product development process and shorten time-to-market; we are here to help you reach your goals faster. Our customized service packages are sized and scoped to match your business goals. Services range from ‘Turnkey’ in which we turn your idea into reality to ‘Expert’ in which we work side-by-side with your team to help you raise the bar of your modeling and simulation.

  • Software Maintenance Service

    Our Software Maintenance Service assures that your original license investment will keep its business value while ensuring your access to the latest software releases, technical support, and ability to purchase add-on products.

  • Training Services

    Get the most out of MathWorks®, COMSOL®, and Speedgoat products. Our events, guided training courses, and webinars are designed to help you learn how to use software, keep up with industry trends, and learn the best practices.