Lajos Varga

Head of Engineering

Lajos is an engineer with 10+ years of R&D experience and the Head of Engineering at Gamax Laboratory Solutions. He brings a unique combination of knowledge, experience, and insight to help you solve your challenges.

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Lajos received an MSc with the highest honors in Electrical Engineering from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), focusing on wireless communications technology. He attended the Ph.D. program focusing on broadband wireless communications, while also lecturing in signal and system theory and contributing to a variety of R&D projects.

Lajos was a development engineer of the MaSat-1 project, co-designing and building the onboard communication system of the satellite that operated for three years – well beyond its original 3-month life plan. In subsequent years, he has served as an R&D engineer, lead developer, and then technical manager for various projects, including Aerospace & Defense, Finance, Medical, Industrial automation, Utilities, and Automotive applications.

Relevant projects

  • Simulation and research of the physical layer of next-generation broadband communication systems, including OFDM and FBMC
  • FMCW radar signal processing and tracking algorithm development for defense applications
  • 802.11ad baseband communication protocol pilot implementation for a market-leading T&M instrument manufacturer’s mm-wave application
  • Software radio platform development for a national emergency communication system
  • Co-designed and built the communication system + radio of a low earth orbit picosatellite launched to LEO in 2012 Masat-1­
  • Refactoring of the user interface of a complex financial simulation framework for an international financial institution
  • Wireless communication application R&D pilots for a commercial vehicle company
  • Development of 3D vision algorithms combined with deep learning for computer vision application
  • Market trading optimization algorithm and framework development used for simulations and forecasts
  • Development of complex instrumentation and measurement control software for the R&D of a hazard detection system

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