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Learn the essentials of MATLAB® through this free, two-hour introductory tutorial on commonly used features and workflows.

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Course Overview – 5 mins

Familiarize yourself with the course.


Commands- 10 mins

Enter commands in MATLAB to perform calcualtions and create variables.


Vectors and Matrices – 10 mins

Create MATLAB variables athat contain multiple elements.


Importing Data – 5 mins

Bring data from external files into MATLAB.


Indexing into and Modifying Arrays – 15 mins

Use indexing to extract and modify rows, columns, and elements of MATLAB arrays.


Array Calculations – 10 mins

Perform calculations on entire arrays at once.


Calling Functions – 5 mins

Call functions to obtain multiple outputs.


Obtaining Help – 5 mins

Use the MATLAB documentation to discover information about MATLAB features.


Plotting Data – 15 mins

Visualize variables using MATLAB’s plotting functions.


Review Problems – 10 mins

Bring together concepts that you have learned with a project.


MATLAB Scripts – 10 mins

Write and save your own MATLAB programs.


Logical Arrays – 10 mins

Use logical expressions to help you to extract elements of interest from MATLAB arrays.


Programming – 10 mins

Write programs that execute code based upon some condition.


Final Project – 10 mins

Bring together concepts that you have learned with a project.

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