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MATLAB for Quantitative Finance and Risk Management

Leading institutions use MATLAB to determine interest rates, perform stress tests, manage multi-billion dollar portfolios, and trade complex instruments in less than a second.
  • Svg Vector Icons : MATLAB handles big and streaming data from traditional and alternative data sources.
  • Svg Vector Icons : MATLAB includes an interface for importing historical and real-time market data from free and paid sources including Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, FactSet, FRED, and Twitter.
  • Svg Vector Icons : MATLAB runs risk and portfolio analytics prototypes up to 120x faster than in R, 100x faster than in Excel/VBA, and up to 64x faster than Python.

Optimize Assets with Predictive Maintenance and Signal Processing

MATLAB can help you develop predictive maintenance algorithms customized to the specific operational and architectural profile of your equipment. Use Predictive Maintenance Toolbox™ to design condition indicators and estimate the remaining useful life of your rotary equipment.

You can use Signal Processing Toolbox™ to automate the monitoring of performance of your control loops, remotely determine the extent of corrosion or pitting in your pipelines, and detect the location and quantity of pipeline leaks.

Energy Trading and Risk Management

With MATLAB, you can simplify and automate your energy trading and risk management tasks like importing and visualizing energy data from multiple sources, building predictive models of energy time-series data, and running Monte-Carlo simulations for valuation and risk assessment.

You can also call MATLAB algorithms from other programs like Python and Microsoft Excel, and deploy these models on enterprise systems like Power BI, Cloudera, and Hadoop. The MATLAB API allows you to pick the best language or platform for each part of your workflow, and MATLAB serves as the glue between them all.


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You don’t have to be an expert to build deep learning models.


Control system engineers use MATLAB® and Simulink® at all stages of development – from plant modeling to designing and to deployment.






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