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Using MATLAB and Simulink at your University - Access for Everyone

More than 10 Universities in the South-East European Region and even 5000 around the world have already upgraded to a
Campus-Wide License.
This provides common suite of MATLAB Products to all Students, Teachers, Researchers and Members of the University.

How a MATLAB enabled Campus looks like:

  • MATLAB is available to all faculty, researchers, students, teachers.
  • MATLAB is used limitless in labs, classrooms, research centers, even on student-owned personal computers.
  • MATLAB is easily accessible from web browser with MATLAB Online.
  • Full Suite ensures the widest and most up-to-date array of products.
  • Easy license management is enabled with one single License.
  • MATLAB Academic Online Training Suite is available for training.
  • Pricing is proportional to the size of the student body.
  • Budget planning is predictable with annual expense.

What you will get on a MATLAB enabled Campus as:


Inspiration for teaching that supports curricula.
Prepare your students for career.

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The opportunity for collaboration with peers by using the most up-to-date products.

»» Research with MATLAB


Access to the same tools engineers and scientist are using. Advance your MATLAB and Simulink skills.

»» Prepare for future

IT / License Admin

Ability to maintain a scalable infrastructure by lowering license overhead while expanding end-user access.

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Support Student Success in the Classroom

Enhance Research and Foster Collaboration

Use the tools of technical inspiration

  • Project-Based Learning: Create cool projects while building valuable expertise.
  • MATLAB Online: Use MATLAB through your web browser.
  • Develop products and reach early-stage milestones fast with MATLAB and Simulink and build your Startup.

Create a Scalable Infrastructure

  • Simplify license management with a centralized license that can accommodate multiple clusters.
  • Automate Compliance by Shibboleth integration.
  • Get Onboarding Support from MathWorks and Gamax Laboratroy Solutions.

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The essentials of MATLAB on commonly used features and workflows.

Simulink Onramp

The basics of how to create, edit, and simulate models in Simulink.

Deep Learning Onramp

Interactive introduction to practical deep learning methods for for image recognition.

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