Technical Corner

Technical Corner contains submission from our Application Engineer team. Its purpose is to show tips&tricks or interesting feature of MATLAB, Simulink and COMSOL Multiphysics.
Originally these submissions were posted on our Facebook page but we made them available here for quick reference.


How to create an interactive Simulator in Simulink using Dashboard blocks?

Watch our short video presenting an interactive hydro power plant simulator built in Simulink!


Christmas mood with Symbolic Math Toolbox

Preparing for Christmas we show you a short model using Symbolic Math Toolbox! Let's solve the equation!



Do you like fireworks? We created an animation for you using COMSOL Multiphysics and Particle Tracing Module. Enjoy!



We created a new Christmas model for you using COMSOL Multiphysics. Take two Christmas balls and let the wind swing them in snowing! Download the model, have fun >>


Enable Component Reuse with Clone Detection in Simulink

Creating subsystems with cloning causes several programming problems in your Simulink model. But how you can detect and identify clones and correct them? See the solution!


Check Your Simulink Model While You Edit

You can identify standards compliance issues earlier in the model design process using edit-time checking. Edit-time checking provides visual cues for some Model Advisor check violations. In the model editor, highlighted blocks alert you to issues as you design your model. Hover your cursor over a highlighted block for information about the violation. Learn how […]


What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic

Why is 0.1+0.1+0.1 not equal to 0.3 in MATLAB? Learn more about floating-point arithmetic!


A Pokémon is nearby!

Catch 'em all! If you are interested how it’s done leave a comment!


Live Editor in MATLAB R2016a

Have you checked the new MATLAB 2016a version? Try out the „Live Editor” feature! See our example.


COMSOL is awakening

Destroy the Death Star with heating using laser beam   May the COMSOL be with you! In a galaxy far, far away, the finite element group joins the rebels to destroy the enemy.       We created a model where we heat the Death Star with a high power laser beam, see how the […]


Christmas Eve is coming

Angel from heaven is entering our Christmas night   See how you can help the angel coming from heaven to deliver happiness using the automatic remeshing features of COMSOL Multiphysics. In blowing snowfall we can model and simulate the fluid domain and the motion of snow particles. The snowflakes are uniformly distributed in the computational […]


Christmas mood in York Cathedral

Listening to music as You would be in York Cathedral is easy. Are you curious? See how to do it with MATLAB.


It’s tea time

A cup of hot tea is nice choice for a pretty cold winter day. Have you ever thought about it as a physical system for simulation?   Let’s model Buoyancy Flow, where mixing of fluid is driven by temperature differences. Our model couples the Navier-Stokes equations and the heat transfer equations to examine density driven […]


Ho, ho, ho, ho – Santa is coming!

Would you like to model and simulate the velocity of the snowflakes around Santa’s  flying sleigh? See how you can do this with COMSOL Multiphysics.   Eddying blasts are swirling round the sleigh on every side, and the snow is flowing down in ever denser clouds! Look into our COMSOL model,  Santa_is_coming  and see how […]


Run your programs faster with MATLAB 2015b

In MATLAB 2015b release, the new built-in execution engine accelerates your calculations! Check it out.


Execution order in Simulink

What is the execution order of Simulink blocks? Can we set manually the execution order? How can we influence the executions of a Simulink model?


Execution order in Stateflow

What is execution order in Stateflow®? What are the rules when Stateflow decides the testing order of different transition? You can quickly learn these important details from our short video.


Why to use Stateflow?

Watch our new short video for an introduction to the capabilities of Stateflow. You can get answers for why to use Stateflow instead of simple Simulink® blocks, MATLAB® functions or plain C code and how to select the best tool based on your project complexity. Your questions and comments are welcome! Örs Márton Application Engineer […]


Control a LEGO® robot from an Android device

Would you like to know how to control LEGO® robot from an Android device? In this video I briefly show you how you do it on your own. It is really cool, isn't it?



SUMMERTIME & MULTIPHYSICS   pool, cool beverages, ice cream and beach house Image courtesy of chokphoto at   Are you planning to go to the beach and worried about your drinks and ice cream? Too warm drinks and too cold water in the pool is a bad combination. You can avoid it with modeling. […]



How do multiphysics meet chill out during happy hours on the beach?   Are you planning to go to the beach and worried about that your drinks get warm quickly? Too hot drinks and too cold water in the pool is a bad combination. You can avoid it with modeling. Use our model in COMSOL, […]


High Performance Computing (HPC) in Multiphysics Modeling

High performance computing (HPC) is becoming more accessible and enables engineers and scientists to perform multiphysics modeling more easily.   COMSOL offers Multicore computer support Cluster computing Hybrid computing and modeling possibilities Cloud computing   Running COMSOL on Multicore Computers COMSOL supports two modes of parallel operation: shared-memory parallel operations and distributed-memory parallel operations, including […]


Flight Gear with MATLAB

Learn how to build a Flight Simulator with MATLAB and an Android device. Watch this video and follow the steps.


Cooking a fish

 Modeling Coupled Heat and Mass Transfer for Convection Cooking     While the champagne was cooling in the fridge we prepared the main course for the dinner. With COMSOL Multiphysics® we can model the exact cooking time! Image courtesy of tiramisustudio at This example models the convection cooking a fish in the oven. Feel […]


Serving champagne with style at the right temperature

  Serving champagne at the proper temperature is essential. With COMSOL Multiphysics® you can accurately model the required cooling time!   Using the built model we can simulate the temperature distribution (degC) in a bottle when cooled inside a fridge. It can be used to describe the minimal resident time for the bottle will be […]


See the current location of the International Space Station

ISS Tracker is a MATLAB application which you can freely download and use to see the location of the International Space Station. You can download the code from the MATLAB Centralárd Application Engineer and MATLAB geek at Gamax Laboratory Solutions


Volume visualization in MATLAB

Visualization of volume data could be hard especially if your data is not scalar (like temperature or pressure) but vector (such as velocity or heat flux).MATLAB offers several functions to deal which such tricky data. You can combine those techniques in your charts to explore and understand the nature of your data.In this chart I […]


Exporting a figure from MATLAB

Exporting a figure from MATLAB to an image format (jpg, eps, bmp, tiff, etc) is simple if you know the basics. Otherwise, it can lead to frustrations. You need to control some properties of the figure in order to have a smooth export process. PaperPositionMode is necessary to set to ‘Auto’ in order to prevent […]


Color rendering of surface in MATLAB

When displaying a surface MATLAB automatically uses the height data (Z) to render the color. The color rendering is based on the colormap which we can replace using the function ‘colormap’ as I described in my previous post.If we want to change how colors are rendered instead of using the default behavior (based on the […]


Customize your charts, adjust colors, alter transparency or add custom primitives

MATLAB is a great tool for visualization. You can highly customize your charts, adjust colors, alter transparency or add custom primitives.Color alone can do a lot to emphasize part of your plot and to create meaningful graphs. If you, for instance, display surfaces MATLAB uses a colormap to render the colors according to the height […]


Animate a cool visualization of Earth and save it as an animgif

Animate a cool visualization of Earth and save it as an animgif. You can do it all in MATLAB!The first step is to create the globe. Check function ‘ellipsoid’.You can work with surfaces in MATLAB and you can change how the colors of the surfaces are rendered. Actually, you can overlay an image on a […]


Analyze geographic data or create map displays using MATLAB's Mapping Toolbox

Guess which country consumes the most electricity worldwide on a per capita basis (W/person)?I pulled down some data from Wikipedia and use MATLAB’s Mapping Toolbox to display it on a world map. The result is astounding, at least to me. Check how much I needed to distort the colormap in order to account for the […]


How to change the mesh element order in COMSOL Multiphysics

A few days ago a customer asked me if in COMSOL the mesh element order could be changed. By default COMSOL uses quadratic elements, but in some cases linear or higher order elements should be used. In order to change the element order first you have to make the Discretization setting visible in the Show […]


Using the Pi for image processing demos

Raspberry Pi is a low cost computer which you can use for various purposes. It has several I/O port (e.g. HDMI, GPIO, USB). It runs a Linux operating system so you can use it as a small PC.For us the Pi is interesting because you can access it from MATLAB and you can run your […]


Reading data from Excel spreadsheet

Reading data from Excel spreadsheet can be slow especially if you need to read multiple Excel files or if you access data from the same Excel sheet but from multiple ranges or sheets.The other week I visited a customer who had exactly this pain. He needed to read from 10s or 100s of Excel sheet […]


New features in Simulink Masks

The new, R2014a, release of Simulink introduced lots of new features. One of these is an extended parameter control tool set in the mask editor. In previous releases you could set the parameter values with edit boxes, radio buttons, pop-up menus and checkboxes.   In R2014a this set has been extended with slider, spinbox and […]


Pulse Trains in COMSOL

Last time I’ve showed some examples to define composite functions in COMSOL. However it may not always be possible to create a desired signal using the categories available in the waveform function feature. So now I’ll describe how to create a pulse train for an arbitrary pulse function.   First let’s create and plot a […]


Composite functions in COMSOL

COMSOL Multiphysics offers several options to create functions like Step, Ramp, Triangle, Pulse, etc. However in many cases we need more complex signals. Some of these can be described as composite function, namely as a function of another function. Example: F1(x) = x^2 and F2(x) = sin(x), where x is the independent variable. Composite functions […]


Samsung GALAXY Android Support from Simulink

Number of supported hardware is rapidly growing with each new release of MATLAB & Simulink. You can connect to professional instruments as well as low cost hardware which are easily available therefore great for teaching or hobby. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Pandaboard, Beagleboard are just few of them.In R2013b and earlier release you had the option […]


Use the Image Acquisition Toolbox to connect to more advanced hardware or if you do not have R2014a

Yesterday I posted about the new webcam connectivity function in core MATLAB as of release R2014a. I also mentioned that you can use the Image Acquisition Toolbox to connect to more advanced hardware or if you do not have R2014a.Using Image Acquisition Toolbox functionality have several advantages: it gives you more option to setup your […]


Access images from your webcam without having the Image Acquisition Toolbox

The new R2014a release of MATLAB is available for download for customers with license under maintenance. There is a lot of great new features in toolboxes as well as in core MATLAB.One of them is that now you can access images from your webcam without having the Image Acquisition Toolbox. No matter if it’s an […]


Using Modeling and Simulation to Test Designs and Requirements

Recently I was posting about linking Signal Builder test vectors with test requirement documents and how to enhance your tests with verification blocks. If you liked these topics I highly recommend this article written by Michael Carone, MathWorks.He describes a workflow for building a component model from requirements, simulating the component model, and then connecting […]


Acquire live data from your smartphone via MATLAB and display

Acquire live data from your smartphone via MATLAB and display   Smartphones are great to Google stuff, take photos, stay connected with friends on Facebook. But they are crammed with sensors. Acceleration, magnetic, light sensors, GPS, you name it.In this video I briefly show you how you can acquire live data from your smartphone via […]


Using Simulink for modeling sports

Ever thought about using Simulink for modeling sports? It’s not a ridiculous idea. Here is an example related to the XXII Winter Olympics.   Gergely Application Engineer and Simulink Fan


Using warnings in MATLAB

Warnings are useful messages issued by MATLAB. Using warnings you can notify a user that something might have been wrong. Not quite an error but you may want to pay attention. You can issue a custom warning message from your code using the syntax ‘warning(‘Hey, something happened!’)’. Warnings do not terminate the execution of a […]


Verification blocks

Last time I’ve posted about test requirement linking to Simulink model. I would like to continue this topic. In most cases some signals have physical constraints. E.g.: a valve angle can be in a certain range due to hard limits or the output of the system cannot exceed a certain value to prevent harm in […]


Link test requirements to simulink model

   After creating a Simulink model that represents your system, the next step is to run some simulations to check its behavior. If you use the Signal Builder block it has a nice feature for linking test vectors to test requirements. Let’s see how to do that.  First click on the Show verification settings button. […]


Text based search in COMSOL

When you are looking for predefined expression in COMSOL during postprocessing the textbased search is a great help. This feature came out with the new 4.4 version of COMSOL.


Creating test harness for unit testing

  Creating test harness for unit testing is an important step in the application design process. Simulink Verification and Validation in addition to its key features (requirement linking, model coverage analysis and checks for modeling standards) can help you to create a test harness. You can invoke this functionality with the slvnvmakeharness(model) command. The generated […]


Upgrade Advisor tool for Simulink

Opening and running a Simulink model in a newer release can cause unexpected error messages. To help users migrating existing models to newer releases MathWorks introduced an Upgrade Advisor tool in R2012b. This tool identifies cases where you can benefit by changing your model to use new features and settings in Simulink. Also it identifies […]


MATLAB and an eBook help engineering students learn programming

Teaching Computer Programming to First-Year Engineering Students with MATLAB and an eBook – By Michael Fitzpatrick and Ákos Lédeczi, Vanderbilt University   “To help first-year engineering students learn programming with MATLAB, we have developed an Apple® ebook that combines the principles, vocabulary, and methods of computer science with engineering problem-solving in an interactive format. The […]


Model-Based Design for DO-178C Software Development

In this webinar series, you can get an introduction to a Software Development process for DO-178C/DO-331 using MathWorks tools. The workflow will be explained by providing a high-level discussion of each step in the process and the corresponding tools involved. The goal is to provide sufficient background to enable viewing of other sections with knowledge […]


Mesh fails – typical COMSOL support question with its solution

Typical COMSOL support question: My mesh fails to mesh with the error “Internal Error in Boundary Respecting”. Can you tell me how to mesh without this failure? Answer: If you disregard the error nodes for now and go down to the Warning 1 node you can see that there are quite a few edges that […]



Last week I have a short post about resources showing how to connect R with MATLAB. You can do it with other software tools, too. CPLEX is one of the greatest tool for solving optimization problems. It especially excels at solving large scale linear programming and mixed integer linear programming, as well as quadratic programming […]


MATLAB for R users in computational finance

The R language is heavily used across several industries for statistical computation. If you have an R code and you cannot (or do not want to) recode it in MATLAB you can call R from MATLAB.  [...]


Export MATLAB data to Powerpoint

Did you know that you could automatically generate reports from your MATLAB program? You can publish a report in various formats — HTML, PDF, LaTeX, XML, Microsoft® Word® (only on Windows®), and Microsoft PowerPoint (only on Windows). For PowerPoint output, each section of the program is put into a separate slide, and you can apply […]


Liquid quenching with film boiling simulation

Learn about film boiling and how to simulate heat transfer in an oil quench (demo by AltaSim Technologies) with COMSOL Multiphysics


3D Earth Example

This submission shows how easily you can do intereseting visualization in MATLAB. Besides, it shows how you can download an image from a url. Requires no toolboxes to run.


Managing design variants – Simulink video

    Variant blocks in Simulink can be used to represent different possible combinations for a model. For example in a control loop you can have different plant model representations (mathematical model, physical model, model created by system identification methods, etc.) and different controllers (like all sort of P, PI, PID, predictive, etc.). It is […]


Custom datatypes in MATLAB

  Using physical units (kg, J, s, m) in calculations makes your life easier and it is essential in engineering, financial and other calculations. MATLAB, as other programming languages, by default lacks units. But since we have object oriented programming (OOP) in MATLAB we can create our custom datatypes, one, for instance, that includes physical […]


Perfect imaging

The theory of perfect imaging made a reality through simulations


Hardware support for iPhone sensor

Hardware support for iPhone:


Android Sensor Support from MATLAB

MATLAB offers lots of connections to the outside world. Smartphones are crammed with sensors so why don’t we just use them and grab data from them! If you have a smartphone with Android (1.6 or later) or iOS (4.0 or later) you can turn them into a data acquisition hardware and collect data such as […]


Finalization node

    The last node in the Geometry sequence is the Finalization node. This node has a fixed position and special role. For example such a gap. The result in this case is a shell and not a solid material. This can occur typically with imported CAD objects, but errors in the geometry sequence could […]

MATLAB® | Simulink®

Researchers Test Control Algorithms for NASA SPHERES Satellites

See how NASA uses MATLAB to speed up satellite trajectory optimization and control algorithms!


Replacing the icon of the built exe file

When presenting how you can build executable files (exe in Windows) from MATLAB people usually ask if they can replace the icon of the built exe file. Instead of the default MATLAB logo they’d like to see their own company’s logo for instance. With R2013b MATLAB Compiler has been upgraded. Now you can customize your […]


New ‘table’ data type in MATLAB R2013b

R2013b has been out for 2 weeks now! It introduces several new features (I’m talking about core MATLAB now) one of those is the new ‘table’ data type. If you are using the import wizard just select Table from the list (see post’s image) but you can use the function readtable: >> U = readtable(‘Housing.xlsx’); […]


COMSOL Comments

The report generator tool in COMSOL is very usefull tool to quickly create summary of a model, but in some cases adding comments, descriptions to certain items is needed. It’s possible to do, just follow these steps.                Step 1.: Right click on the node you would like to comment and select Properties.  Step […]


Defining custom shortcuts in Simulink

I was looking for some customization possibilities in MATLAB when I came across this blog post: Defining custom shortcuts in Simulink. This solution could save lots of time.


Setting properties of graphical objects (e.g. a figure or a line) in MATLAB

A weeks ago I had a seminar on building graphical user interfaces and someone from the audience had a comment on setting properties of graphical objects (e.g. a figure or a line) in MATLAB. The point was that MATLAB should apply object oriented paradigm to the graphical components. Among other things that would allow the […]

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Adding Simulink blocks to models and connect them from MATLAB command line

Recently I’ve showed some useful function to control Simulink models from MATLAB command line. What about to create models in the same way? It is possible? The answer is yes. Here is a simple example how you can add blocks to models and how to connect them. % Create and load a new model new_system(‘mysys’) […]

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Controlling Simulink models with MATLAB scripts

Controlling Simulink models with MATLAB scripts is a great way to automate simulations and do such things as parameter sweeps, Monte Carlo simulations, modeling standards checking, etc. How to start scripting? First we have to access the model file: load_system(‘modelname’) – Load system without viewing open_system(‘modelname’) – Load system and view close_system(‘modelname’, saveflag) – Close […]


Interpolation techniques

A common question when I talk to customers is: “Hey, I have measurement data, can I make a nice surface plot of it in MATLAB? But my data is scattered, you know.” The answer is yes, using interpolation. With interpolation you can not only interpolate your scattered data to a standard grid but you can […]


Modeling Continually Improves Advanced Materials for Automobiles

I've just found a nice article about how General Motors is using COMSOL Multiphysics for finding new materials that could replace ferrous materials in structural applications. If you are interested how they used COMSOL to model the processing of a thermoset-composite part visit the page below.


Data and time operations in MATLAB

Working with dates in data analysis is mostly inevitable and it is often painful. If you have a nice, hourly time series then comes the Daylight Saving Time and spoils the structure. Or, you need to read date from Excel but different sheets may have different date formats. Handling data with different frequency (yearly, monthly, […]


Upgrade to the MATLAB Mobile

It is almost a month old but you may went unnoticed: the upgrade to the MATLAB Mobile. – Now you can upload files to the MATLAB Cloud Storage – When you connect to MathWorks cloud, you can now access all your licensed MathWorks products – Customized keyboard for Android (it’s already there for iOS) Details […]

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Explore R2013a new features

Discover the new features of MATLAB & Simulink, and see the two new products! Watch this video to explore R2013a:

MATLAB® | Simulink®

Model-Based Design in the engineering curriculum

In the automotive industry Simulink and the Model-Based Design concept is heavily used, however it is not covered in the engineering curriculum in most cases. During my presentation at Universities I try to highlight this, but time to time I bump into the question: “We have a cleared-out material for teaching control design, etc. How […]

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Identify program dependencies

How do you find out which functions are required to run your MATLAB code? Or, which functions were called when you run your code? Dependency analysis is the answer. You have 3 main tools to do dependency analysis: 1) To list which functions were called use function inmem: >> [mfiles, mexfiles] = inmem 2) In […]


Display a mathematical function using a function handle

In my Tuesday post I’ve shown how you can display a mathematical function using a function handle. Here comes a code snippet that demonstrates how you can make your surface look fancy. Run this line by line and check what is happening!     >> g = @(x,y)exp(-0.1*(x.^2+y.^2)) .* cos(x.*y); >> s = ezsurf(g) >> […]


Function handle in MATLAB

Function handle is a useful constructs and a unique class in MATLAB. It is useful for defining simple functions on the fly without creating an m-file. You can then use it as a reference to the function: evaluate the function value or just simply plot it using the command ezplot or ezsurf. Try this in […]


University brings PDEs to Life in Undergraduate Education

To master our tools Universities can give jumpstart for future engineers. However teachers have to answer a thought question: How to integrate e.g. COMSOL in the curriculum? Here is a nice example that answers this.
Application Engineer


Logical indexing in MATLAB

Handling data (eg filtering) is really easy in MATLAB if you are familiar with the concept of logical indexing (great deal of MATLAB users are not, frankly). How do you, for example, find elements of a matrix that fulfill a certain condition? A C/C++ programmer would probably use a (nested) for loop with an if […]


Boiling Water animated model

Boiling Water animated model and lot of other interesting animation on COMSOL's Model Galery website on


Computer vision again – Question: what do you think the major difference is between tracking an object and doing object detection at each frame of a video?

Computer vision again (not only for CV experts)! Question: what do you think the major difference is between tracking an object and doing object detection at each frame of a video? Rephrasing: why bothered with a tracking algorithm instead of re-detect an object at each frame? Szilárd Application Engineer and MATLAB geek at Gamax


Simulating Blackjack with MATLAB

Simulating Blackjack with MATLAB


Computer Vision System Toolbox

What is the main difference between image processing and computer vision? Generally speaking, image processing is concerned with operation on the image like noise removal, image enhancement, color space transformation or blob analysis using eg morphological operations. Computer vision, however, focuses on to understand what is going on on the scene and to interpret it. […]


Simulink Support for Kinect

Most Simulink users know that you can connect Simulink and LEGO Mingstorms to make some fun, but what about Microsoft Kinect? There is a way to do that. Have fun :)
Application Engineer and Simulink fan

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Parameter estimation

If you are up to describe a real system behavior with mathematical models usually entails using parameter estimation techniques. In MATLAB you can find a bunch of tool for this, but what to use?
Here is an overview that might help you.
Application Engineer and Simulink fan


Model animations

MODEL ANIMATIONS The model animations on this recommended site are selected in order to reflect a wide-range of research areas and applications that COMSOL Multiphysics can be used to model.


What is simulation?

As the end of the year is coming it’s a good time to step back and remember what we are doing and why we do simulations. Who would be better to answer such questions than a person solved such complex problems like designing autopilot for Apollo Lunar Module. I wish you all Marry Christmas with […]


UniCredit Bank Austria Develops and Rapidly Deploys a Consistent, Enterprise-Wide Market Data Engine

UniCredit Bank Austria Develops and Rapidly Deploys a Consistent, Enterprise-Wide Market Data Engine. The complete article is here:


Color-Based Segmentation Using K-Means Clustering

Last week I hold a combined training on Image Processing and Statistical Data Analysis. Image segmentation came up as it is a standard task when you do image processing. This example is from the Image Processing Toolbox doc and shows how you can use cluster analysis to segment a color image. As a bonus, it […]

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Debugging C/C++ S-Functions

When I talk to customers I frequently hear about troubles with custom S-Functions. Debugging can be made easier if you attach MATLAB to a C/C++ development environment.     Gergely Application Engineer and Simulink fan


Connect Simulink models with PowerPoint

My colleague just showed me a solution to connect Simulink models with PowerPoint. Great way to document your complex systems for presentations. Gergely Application Engineer and Simulink fan


Autostereogram – fun pick for the week

I’m a visualization freak so each time I bump into something exotic I must try it out. I can’t help it. This is a really unique one from the file exchange. Can you see it? Szilárd Application Engineer and MATLAB geek at Gamax Laboratory Solutions Ltd



When the R2012b was released this fall I did not pay to much attention to the new Apps feature of the renewed MATLAB desktop. Already existing toolbox related GUI-s, repacked and hyped, I thought. Then I discovered the real value of Apps: ease of share and use. If you created a graphical user interface (GUI) […]

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Pulse width modulation (PWM)

From control design engineers I frequently get questions about how to design and test PWM control with Simulink. If you are also looking for answers I recommend this page. Gergely Application Engineer and Simulink fan


Plot Google map

The other day I needed to plot data on a map. I was playing around with the Mapping Toolbox and succeed but I needed something more simple. Then I found this submission which was actually a Pick of the Week on the File Exchange. Szilárd Application Engineer and MATLAB geek at Gamax Laboratory Solutions


New Teaching Kit for Instructors Web page

We are pleased to announce a new Teaching Kit Web page has gone live. These materials help you develop and enhance curriculum, facilitate lectures and classroom examples, and inspire student learning.